Sci-Fi November Intro

Saturday, November 1, 2014

After a few months of anticipation, the month of science fiction is finally upon us! Sci-Fi November is hosted this year by Rinn Reads & Oh, the Books -- the official website tracking everything can be found here. Essentially, Sci-Fi November is a month long event celebrating the awesome genre of science fiction. There are over 80 blogs participating this year, and it is going to be amazing!

I've been a fan of science fiction since discovering Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series oh-so many years ago. I was captivated by the world created (also -- dragons!), and then I found other wonderful worlds by other sci-fi authors.

Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science Fiction is the improbable made possible.  
- Rod Sterling

I have a bachelors degree in bioengineering and a masters in human genetics, so I love when I read a new story take on the biological sciences. Outside of reading, I tend to watch an embarrassing amount sci-fi TV (Doctor Who / Fringe / Orphan Black / Defiance ... etc) and movies. And I am so excited to share in my favorite genre with others this month!

One thing to note: I will be on vacation for my sister's wedding this week and next. I have awesome stuff scheduled, but I wont be checking + responding to comments regularly.


  1. Glad to hear you're taking part :D

    Do your degrees ever make things in TV shows (especially Orphan Black with human genetics) seem really implausible?

    1. Hi Rinn! I've been so excited about Sci-Fi November since I first learned about it a few months ago.

      You would think that I'd be more critical with my science background about things like Orphan Black, but I actually still really enjoy them for the fiction they are. :) I guess it comes down to the fact that I much more enjoy a story with implausible / impossible science than a story with absolutely no science, maybe?

      My husband is a techy type too (software engineer), so we sometimes will remark on bad science in the tv/movies we watch... but it is usually the little details such as PCR takes more than 2 minutes to run and genetic sequencing output looks a lot different from the spinning double helix that is usually shown.


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