Sunday Shorts

Sunday Shorts is a weekly feature where I highlight and review one sci-fi/fantasy short story published online every Sunday. Why? I believe short stories are a great way to discover new authors. A great short story can move a reader in the same ways novels can.

Want to hear more about my love of short stories and why I think they are a great way to explore speculative fiction? Check out my guest post on Oh the Books

Past Sunday Shorts:
Have a suggestion for a short? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Last Updated: 20AUG2015


  1. Great idea! Thanks for highlighting these stories - I'm going to explore them. Just reading your post about the spiral staircase one made me curious. I do like sci-fi and the weird ;).

    1. Thanks Roberta! :) I'm really enjoying finding and sharing new short stories. And it seems like authors can get away with more weird in a short story than you might find in a novel length format.

      If you like your sci-fi with weird + a little mythology, I really recommend Marie Brennan's Mad Maudlin. I reviewed it a few weeks back here:


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