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Monday, August 24, 2015
So, some may have noticed that I haven't said anything in regards to the Hugo Awards / nominees this year. Last year, I kicked off my Sunday Shorts feature reading the nominations for short stories - the slate got me interested and excited in the short speculative fiction field in general, and inspired me to start advocating that people read more short fiction!!!

The Hugo Awards were held this past weekend at WorldCon. The whole process this year was sad, but I am not going to get into it (George RR Martin has been a very well spoken voice through the whole process - most is captured with his blog tag puppygate). After the awards were given out (No Award winning in many a category), the full slate of nominations from the first round were released - giving readers an idea of what the nominees could have looked like if a group hadn't decided to nominate a slate for *reasons* and not because they read, loved, and thought them the absolute best the genre could produce last year.

io9 has posted on what the nominees would have looked like and it was oh-so-good . Frankly, it has me sad again and maybe a little bit mad. This list of nominees included stuff I read / recommended last year and a ton of new picks that I would have loved to explore prior to voting. What could have been....

I am hoping I can channel my mad to regularly read / review the shorter selections and post about them on the blog with more regularity. So, look forward to more regular and recent Sunday Shorts (some borrowed from the could-have-been-2015-hugo-nominees list!) to come in the next few months!

This Sunday, I'll be reviewing the Nebula award winning short story, Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon published in Apex. 

For anyone interested and wanting to add to their reading list, places I have found to seek out recommendations for short sci-fi/fantasy stories:
Clavis Aurea (Charlotte Ashley's short fiction review in Apex)
Rich and Strange (Amal El-Mohtar's regular feature on short stories)
io9's newstand feature

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