September's Review and October's Preview

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Whoa -- did you feel that? That was September flying by!

Random Sam-cat photo. :)
Fun things that happened this month:
I also set up both a facebook page and twitter account for the blog -- so if you are looking for more Exploring Worlds goodness, please like/follow! Besides promoting blog posts, I try and post links to other random fun news I find through out the week on both accounts. 

What I am hoping to bring you this October: 
  • My review of Robin Hobb's new book Fool's Assassin (It is coming this week, I swear it! Oh, Fitz!)
  • Another awesome Battle of the Books. October's theme? Weird Westerns, aka Flintlock Fantasy, aka cowboys and magic, aka awesome! Check back next week for my intro post.
  • More Dark Tower love: a review of the final book Dark Tower and more Soundtrack Saturdays devoted to the rest of everyone's favorite ka-tet: Eddie, Susannah, and Jake. I loved creating these playlists, so it might something I continue doing for other books / series. 
  • Some scary read recommendations for Horror October, the Fortnight, hosted by Oh, the Books! 
  • More awesome short stories with Sunday Shorts
Wee! I am having fun planning ahead (really! I enjoy planning probably too much), especially with upcoming Sci-Fi November. So get ready for moar bookish / geeky content from Exploring Worlds!

Any requests or recommendations for the blog? Books you are looking forward to in October? Other cuddly cat photos from this month to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

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